General Retreads


Processing Activities


    Initial Inspection – An experienced evaluation of the used tyre casing.

    Nondestructive Inspection – This is the process of the ultimate high-tech bead-to-bead casing examination.

    Buffing - Perfect contouring restores the rolling dynamics of the new tyre and replaces the original flex points reducing stress in the tyre. This results in a smoother ride, less vibrations, less driver fatigue and increased productivity.

    Skiving and Repair - All visible and suspected areas (identified by NDI® or Stereography) are duly inspected, treated and repaired for improved reliability.

    Tread preparation and building - A measured length of procured tread and bond rubber is applied to the casing. Bandag computer technology ensures the rubber is evenly applied around the tyre with the right tension for better balance.

    Enveloping and Curing - As procured tread is used, the only cure needed is for bonding tread and casing. Rubber envelopes eliminate all stress on the casing. Curing takes place at low temperature and pressure.

    Final Inspection - we do a pre inspection before the tyre is ready to be used again, to confirm its ability to carry all sorts of loads on the rough roads and steep terrain.